Who We Help

People who benefit from Bespoke.

Family, work, relationships, career goals, finances. These are some of the intertwining factors that can make life feel so complicated and overwhelming. Here are some crossroads type scenarios where Bespoke clients have found Farida to be particularly helpful.

Looking to get ahead. Personal strategies for setting your sights on more productivity, more responsibility and/or a new position. Including job/career changes that involve a relocation.

Entrepreneurs. For people with an innovative idea who need support in preparing a course of action — with the requisite levels of accountability and risk management to ensure success.

Relationship limbo. For singles or soon-to-be singles who desire a fulfilling relationship. This includes help in visualizing what you’re looking for in a mate — along with ways to create situations where you can meet the right people.

Wanting more out of life. Taking an objective look at your personal talents and capabilities, while thinking outside the box in terms of personal/career routes you can take.

Returning to work. Guidance for getting back into career mode for people who’ve had a hiatus due to raising children, being a caregiver, a personal trauma, or simply taking a break for a while.

Empty nesters. Helping to deal with the realities of this major change, while refocusing on new horizons and possibilities to leverage your newfound freedom.

Client Success Stories