Success Stories

In the words of satisfied clients.

"I love having a coach to help me see my own perspective. Just having Farida hold space for me to vent, or throw an idea up on the wall helps me move in an intentional direction. Whether I am testing the waters in business or sorting through the last family kerfuffle, she really helps me question what’s working for me and why. I especially appreciate her ability to decipher intrinsic values that guide me toward conscious choices – it’s a great skill. My advice – hire her. You won’t regret it!"


Chicago, IL

"Farida immediately brought me into a zone of comfort and truth, where her talent as a life coach could help me achieve meaningful reflection and change in my life. She pushed me to take ownership of that change, which I learned is the point of coaching, while giving me the support and safety net I needed during a very difficult period post-divorce. She asked the right questions but also knew when it was time to back off, keeping a healthy balance. Thank you, Farida!"


New York, NY

"Co-coaching with Farida is finally the meeting you promised to yourself sometime ago: when you really did have the time but, you know, something/someone got in the way. Tactfully yet incisively, she holds your hand while you dauntingly peel back the layers to uncover those desires you inadvertently set aside — the opportunities that are at the tip of your fingers and life experiences that are waiting to be lived! With her keen ear and skilled cognitive powers, she will reel you right back to you: where everything you want begins!"


Paris, France

"Farida worked with me as I prepared to move to a new country with my family. Her expertise was invaluable in helping me clarify my values and consider opportunities to work in ways that aligned with those values."


Warsaw, Poland

"Farida joined me on a journey through the most difficult year of my life. We began our work together shortly after my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The shock of that reality combined with the intensity of my work in a "helping profession" had left me weary and depleted.

She led me to a place of deep reflection and gently guided me to focus on my own needs and goals. Farida brought kindness and creativity to our sessions, which allowed me to explore my values and purpose in a way I never had before. This process led me to find a new job. Thanks to Farida's help in preparing for the application process, rounds of interviews and salary negotiations, I have moved forward in my career and life with confidence and joy!"


Boston, MA