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Personal Transition Strategies

Building a foundation to transform your life.

Some transitions are more difficult to navigate than others. Bespoke Coaching empowers you to assess where you are, envision where you want to be — and create strategies to stay on course. All with the one-on-one guidance of Farida Khan, Bespoke founder and personal transition strategist.


Deciphering your inner voice.

Chances are, your inner critic is what’s holding you back in life. Bespoke Coaching begins by helping you to temper your inner critic. Silencing the negative thoughts that keep you from trusting your abilities. While changing the things you tell yourself, to liberate a true sense of possibility.

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Envisioning the life you truly want.

To create what you want in the physical world, you first need to create it in your mind. Bespoke helps you think beyond the box you’re in. Expanding the horizons in ways you never thought possible. Creating definitive goals with clear milestones. So you’ll actually know when you’ve achieved success.

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Creating strategies to stay on course.

Personal transformation isn’t a one-and-done. The proprietary Bespoke Coaching process includes the development of proven strategies to help you stay accountable and on track. Tailored to your personal needs, these strategies are continually fine-tuned as you grow and evolve.

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The kind of people we help.

Here are some crossroads type scenarios where Bespoke clients have found Farida to be particularly helpful.

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